A message to new Crossfitters

A message to new Crossfitters

Welcome to the community 

Hello friend! Welcome to one of the best decisions of your life. I know you hear a lot of negative comments about Crossfit but instead of listening to everyone you decided to find out for yourself.

The truth is there are a lot of bad Crossfit gyms and coaches who don't care about you, I hope you chose a good one. The barrier to entry is low, so make sure you shop around before choosing a new family.

"The barrier to entry is low, so make sure you shop around before choosing a new family."

Lets jump in

I have been coaching in a Crossfit gym exclusively for the past 7 years and I'll be talking about the most common athletes I see and there long term progression and best practices.

There have been athletes who quit after day 1, athletes who lose weight and change their life, and I have seen athletes fall in the love with the sport side of things and become a competitive Crossfitter.

Let's dig into the types of athletes I see and what you can do to get the most out of your time.

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The all in

This is one of the most common types of new people I see. They decide the only way to make a change is by working out all of the time. They typically start with 5-7 days a week and never take any rest days. Their theory is the more the better. Unfortunately this is unsustainable.

This person usually falls off completely and never comes back or they become the yo-yo athlete.


The next athlete is the yo-yo athlete. They are motivated, gone, motivated, gone, and this just continues on and on. The problem is when they are motivated they start to progress really quickly and see great progress. Then they leave and when they come back its like starting back from zero. Most progress made is gone because while they were away they did not keep up at all.

This athlete could have amazing results but as life gets tough or busy they go back to where they started.

The games athlete

We have all heard the phrase, you have to walk before you run. Sometimes someone sees the Crossfit Games on TV or online and decides they are going to compete in a few months or next year. (Sorry you are not Jason Carroll) The problem is they try to all out sprint before they do anything. All they care about is all the cool flashy movements and hitting heavy lifts. You cannot develop a good base if you never focus on them.

This athlete goes a few directions: they get injured and give up on their dream/ they decide that crushing the class wods and moving terribly is good enough/they quit/ or very rarely do they realize what it actually takes and takes a few steps back to build back up and develop.

"You cannot develop a good base if you never focus on them."

The sleeper

This athlete is one of my favorites. The athlete who listens to advice, takes in as much information as possible, and could not give a single fuck of what anyone thinks about them. They focus on movement, slow development, and they understand that more is not better. 

This athlete isn't necessarily quiet and in the corner everyday, they are the type that gets along with everyone and is always willing to lend a helping hand. 

This athlete is rare but tend to have the best results. What they tend to have is complete trust in the program and coach. (Again, you must find a gym that has good coaches that will take care of you so you can do this.)

How to be successful

Perfect recipe for success as a new Crossfitter:

  • Be early to class
  • Ask a million questions
  • Take 2-3 rest days a week
  • Focus on movement rather than weights
  • Trust your coach (you are paying them for a reason)
  • Don't pick and choose the workouts you go to
  • Always stay after to learn and recover. (Follow CFV for tips on this.)
  • Don't ask for advice unless you're willing to do it.
  • If you don't know how to eat, ask. (Click here for nutrition)
  • SCALE!
  • Muscle ups and snatches are cool but squatting and pulling correctly are way cooler.
  • Research!
  • Enjoy and stay consistent

More types

There are many types of athletes but here are the three most common + one very rare athlete. Which athlete are you?

If you aren't one these athletes describe who you are below.

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  • Jennifer

    My coach would call me the sleeper and that’s one of the many reasons that I was asked to coach after being there for about 2 yrs. these seem to be pretty spot on for what I’ve observed as well. Great article!

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