A KILLER At Home CrossFit Dumbbell Workout

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A KILLER At Home CrossFit Dumbbell Workout

A KILLER At Home CrossFit Dumbbell Workout

Today we are bringing you a killer at home CrossFit dumbbell workout that will fry your legs and core! The workout is 8 rounds of 4 different movements, and all you need is a pair or a single dumbbell. If you want to see more videos like this check out our YouTube channel for a library full of workout videos! Most of our at home series involve dumbbell CrossFit WODs, but let us know if you want to see any other types of movements or equipment. Check below for notes and tips on how to perform your best, drop a like if you enjoy the videos, and subscribe for more!


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|Warm up|

   3 Rounds (:30 each movement)

5 Quadruped around the world

10 Alternating bent over rows

5 Lunge + Lunge + squat

10 Scap push ups


|CrossFit Workout For The Day|

  8 Rounds

10 Hang power snatch

50 Mountain climbers

10 Lunge thrusters

15 Hollow rocks



Ideal time completed: 14-22 Minutes

Weight recommendations: Men - 35-50lb Dumbbell | Women - 15-35lb Dumbbell

Intensity level: 70-80% of max heart rate (Breathing hard, but not sporadically)



Your core is going to get hit hard during this CrossFit workout. Mountain climbers and hollow rocks are pretty taxing on your core, and it will also be used quite a bit during the hang snatches and hollow rocks. Focus on keeping your back flat (spine neutral) the entire time today and not let yourself get sloppy! Try to perform each movement’s reps unbroken and use the transition from one exercise to the next as a mini break to take a deep breath during.


On the hang snatches it’s 80% hips and 20% arms and shoulders. It’s ok to lean forward slightly when bringing the dumbbells into the hips. You don’t want it to be a squat movement. Mountain climbers will be the easiest and fastest movement out of the bunch so push those quickly to get them done. Lunge thrusters will tax your quads and hips a little differently than the normal thruster variation. Still control yourself down and drive up fast like normal. Lastly, the most important part of the hollow rocks is to squeeze your lower abs and push your low back into the floor. If you let yourself relax and allow for an arch in your back it won’t be a smooth rocking motion. They’re a little bit easier if you bring your arms to your sides instead and slightly bend your knees. If that still doesn’t help, you can perform a :40 Plank or 15 sit ups instead.


Leave any questions you may have and I’ll get back to you right away. Thanks for watching!


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