7 Things That Will Drastically Hinder Your CrossFit Results

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7 Things That Will Drastically Hinder Your CrossFit Results


If you want to improve and see more frequent results with CrossFit, this video covers 7 things that many people do which hinder that from happening. I’ve been a CrossFit coach for 6 years, and during the course of that time I see the same mistakes being made from beginners, all the way up to advanced athletes that have a negative impact on their progress. If you are doing any of these 7 things that we talk about, be sure to fix them right away so you can get more results from CrossFit workouts.

1. Not understanding the purpose of the workout
Each CrossFit workout you perform has the purpose of making you fitter, but in which way? Is it going to build your aerobic system and allow you to hold a steady pace for a long period of time? Or maybe it’s meant to be heavy and work on your ability to lift heavy weight under fatigue? Always understand the goal of each workout so you can approach/scale as needed.

2. Being content with your technique
Just because you can get the reps done, doesn’t mean you should stop working on improving your technique. Ask your coach friend, or record your lifts and see what you can do to improve your technique that little extra to allow you to lift more, move faster, and decrease the possibility of an injury.

3. Not priming the body efficiently (warm up and mobility)
EVERYONE needs to warm up. Mat Fraser, the fittest man on earth, spends plenty of time doing cardio, light weight exercises, mobility work, and muscle activating before each workout session. Just because you feel good and have decent mobility so you don’t feel the need to prep yourself, your body needs a warm up to prime/ wake it up!

4. Inconsistent attendance
Just like how studying for several hours a day and then taking the rest of the week off before studying again is a poor way to retain information, the same applies to your training consistency. If you can only make it to the gym 2-3 times a week, that's OK! Commit to the days you can guarantee that you can make it to the gym, and any extra days that get added randomly are a plus!

5. Being overly competitive
You don’t always have to be the top dog. You won’t remember, or even care about each workout you beat your best buddy in 10 years from now. It’s ok to have some fun rivalries with your friends, but not every workout has to be YOUR workout.

6. Not training different “gears”
If you approach a 50 minute workout the same way you approach a 5 minute workout, then you will receive no benefits from that 50 minute workout. Each workout is different and all meant to be approached in different ways, that includes intensity levels. Work on building different gears so you can keep moving, keep rest minimal, and train your body through different cardiovascular systems. (Improved health and fitness)

7. Not Listening to your body
Not every day will we feel 100%. As a matter of fact, there will be more days where we feel far from that. Listening to how your body feels and moves can allow you to modify how you approach each day and still receive something from it, versus hindering it.

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