6 Mistakes Crossfitters make

6 Mistakes Crossfitters make



I’ve been a CrossFit coach for over 5 years and have seen numerous individuals start their CrossFit Journey. With that being said I see everyone, yes EVERYONE makes at least 1 of these common mistakes during their first year or two at the box. This video covers 6 common CrossFit beginner mistakes and how you can avoid them to see more progress sooner instead of spinning your wheel going nowhere! Starting CrossFit can be a nerve-wracking experience. There are so many new movements, its an intense workout atmosphere, and overall there is just so much so soak in and learn. The 6 mistakes I mention are in no particular order, but they will show you how to start CrossFit and have the best experience possible!

1 – Doing too much or too little Many people become infatuated when starting CrossFit and want to go to as many classes as possible! When it comes to working out, more isn’t always better. I recommend to all new members (with workout experience or not) to start with 3-4 days a week and they will see tremendous progress just from that and still allow their bodies to recover. On the other hand, I see some members come once or twice a week and think that, that will offset all their weekend drinking and fast food lunches. Don’t be that person either!

2 – Skipping or half-assing the warm ups Warm ups are meant to increase your heart rate and blood flow to your muscles and joints, improve range of motion, and neurologically prepare your body for physical activity. Cutting it in half or not doing it at all can lead to a decrease in performance during your workout AND a higher chance of injury!

3 – Not properly fueling the body Food is fuel. If you have lunch at noon and then you workout at six, your body has no easily ready fuel source to use. This will cause you to have low energy and not perform to your full capacity. A small snack before your workout like fruit or yogurt is a sugary carb source that will give you immediate energy! After your workout try to consume something as soon as possible that has a decent amount of lean protein and a complex carb source like sweet potatoes, grains, or beans.

4 – Not stretching post workout After you perform your CrossFit metcon (metabolic conditioning) you need to stretch! Every time you workout you are taking your body through repeated muscle contractions and the muscle become stiffer and shorter if you don’t lengthen it back to its normal size after. Dedicating 5-15 minutes of stretching after your workouts will make all the difference!

5 – Having an Ego No one knows everything. No matter how much you study and research, there will always be tons of things that you don’t know about. Just because you’ve done back squats before doesn’t mean that someone knows a thing or two on how to perform the movement more efficiently which in return can help you lift more weight, do more reps, or simply stay injury free for longer! Take in as much advice and knowledge from as many people as possible and apply it to see if it works for you.

6 – Cherry picking workouts Thrusters, wall balls and rowing on the concept2 rower. I absolutely hated these movements and dreaded seeing them in the workouts. However, I would always go to the gym and still do the movements because the more you do something the better you get at it until it becomes something you can bear with or even enjoy.

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