Stretch before your flight!

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Stretch before your flight!

The last thing I want is to be uncomfortable on a flight. I'm an anxious person as it is and when I have to sit still for hours at a time I NEED to be as comfortable as possible.

I have had times where my quads and hips will start to tighten up and I start to get hot, sweaty, and nauseous. 

I'll be in my seat like -

This lead me to start stretching before every flight. Typically my upper body is fine so I focus mainly on my lower body. Here are my top 5 stretches before I hop on the plane.

1. Long Lunge - 2 min each side

I'll go shallow for 1 min to get my hip and deep for 1 min to get my front leg hamstring.

2. Kneeling quad stretch - 2 min each side

I'll move my hips around and whichever spot feels the tightest I'll hang out there.

3. Hip flexor stretch - 2 min each side

If your lower back get's tight make sure you don't skip this one! 

4. Seated straddle - 2 min total

This inside of my legs and hamstrings love this one! Takes some pressure off my hips!

5. Straddle + reach - 1 min each side

I shift around a lot when I sit and one side is usually tighter than the other. I'll spend a little longer on whichever side is worse.



Make sure you relax in these stretches. You DO NOT want to stretch hard. You'll get sore and feel worse. These stretches help calm my nerves and make me feel more comfortable. Share these with someone who flies often!

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