4 common clean mistakes you're most likely making

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4 common clean mistakes you're most likely making

4 common clean mistakes you're most likely making







Everyone loves cleans! There's nothing more exciting than hitting a new power clean or squat clean PR and feeling super strong! With that being said, there are a lot of small technique mistakes that I see happen regularly from the average person that can hinder your progress. In this video I'll show you 4 common mistakes I see CrossFit beginners and even seasoned CrossFitters do and some simple tips on how you can fix them.


Mistake #1 Rocking during the pull

For some reason people don't understand how to grip the floor with their feet, providing them with a stable base, and allowing them to apply maximum force during the first and second pull of a clean. Focus on keeping the feet planted while you pull, until you are ready to reach full hip and knee extension, where you can then extend the ankles and come up on the toes


Mistake #2 Rushing the pull

This is probably the biggest mistake I see everyone do. Rushing the pull tends to cause for the breaking down of position along the way (losing an upright torso, hips shooting up too high, the bar coming away from the thighs, to name a few) causing many missed lifts! Slow down the initial pull and then build up in speed.


Mistake #3 Relaxed wrists

Your wrists actually play a big part in keeping the bar close during a clean or snatch, and will help for a stronger turnover. Try to curl in the wrists during the pull and notice how much stronger the whole lift will feel


Mistake #4 Not fully extending the hips

This one is super common with squat cleans or hang cleans variations. We all want to be like the Olympians who move with lighting speed, so we rush to pull ourselves under the bar. However if we don't fully extend, this ends up in not pulling the bar as high, making it harder to get under it. Pull the bar as high as you can before pulling yourself under.


Hope this helps you out with your cleans and overall Olympic lifts! If you would like a video covering snatches or jerks. Let us know!

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