3 Stretches Crossfitters need

3 Stretches Crossfitters need



Mobility is a huge part of any sports / workout regimen. If you want to optimize the movements that you have for the day, your body need to be able to reach them freely without restrictions from tight muscles or joints. Your CrossFit gym may include mobility drills and stretches in the warm up, but there are certain areas I see people struggle with routinely and always need to be addressed. Out of all the CrossFit beginners I’ve coached in the gym, they always struggle with mobility in these three main areas! In this video I will show you three areas and stretches for those areas to help you with your mobility and allow to you properly execute a lot of the movements and exercises we do in a CrossFit gym! Some of you may be blessed with incredible flexibility so these stretches may not be necessary for you, however for the other 99% of us, add these CrossFit mobility stretches into your warm up routine and you will be feeling great!

#1 Banded Hip stretch A lot of us struggle with tight hips! We sit a lot at work, driving, watching T.V., going out to restaurants, etc. and because of this it’s very common to have problems with our hips and even experience pain in certain areas because of it. This is a simple stretch you can do for a few minutes before the gym, or even at home without the band. (Remember, like the title of this video says, we want to do these stretches every day! That means even on your rest days when you don’t go to the gym, you should do them at home as well!)

#2 Calf and ankle stretch Another simple stretch to help stretch out our calves. Our legs take a lot of abuse from running, jumping, squatting, but I very rarely see athletes in the gym stretching them out! A very common CrossFit injury is people hurting their achilles tendon, so be sure to stretch and mobilize this area out!

#3 Thoracic opener This area is VERY problematic area for a lot of my members. We add one of the two mobility stretches we show in the video to our stretching routine before we grab a bar every day! A lot of people have poor posture and it can cause for an excessively rounded thoracic spine, leading to numerous issues with movements that we do in the gym. Do this for a few minutes before and/or after your workouts and your body will thank you! These are stretching that I believe everyone should be doing when they are starting CrossFit, and for the first year or two of their CrossFit journeys. Add these mobility drills to your warm ups, or just do them before you even get your heart rate up to move more freely and feel good!

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