10 Pull up alternatives for CrossFit Hero WOD MURPH

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10 Pull up alternatives for CrossFit Hero WOD MURPH


If you don’t have access to a pull up bar, or are not yet able to do pull ups, then this video is for you! Today’s video shows you 10 pull up modifications that you can use for Murph! The first 5 pull up substitutes are with items you can find around the house, the next 3 with a band, and the last 2 with dumbbells! Pick an exercise that you find challenging and will closely mimic the pump you would get in your lats and biceps from a typical pull up. Whether you perform Hero Workout Murph Rx, or do a modified or scaled version of Murph, give the workout everything you’ve got!

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Exercises shown in the video

1 Door pull up (0:43)
2 Table row(0:53)
3 Door knob row(1:14)
4 Upright row (1:43)
5 Prone overhead press (2:17)
6 Banded lat pull down (2:40)
7 Bent over Banded row(3:09)
8 Banded arm adduction (3:36)
9 Dumbbell/barbell bent over row (4:06)
10 Dumbbell bent over straight arm row (4:26)

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