10 Common Habits That Prevent You From Losing Weight

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10 Common Habits That Prevent You From Losing Weight


Not only have I experienced these habits that prevent you from losing weight personally, but I see my clients run into the same issue time and time again. These 10 habits can be changed RIGHT NOW to make serious progress towards your weight loss results. I'm curious to hear what your biggest challenge is right now when it comes to losing weight, and which of the points in this video resonated with you the most! Even just correcting a few of these things that keep you from losing weight will make a huge difference!

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(0:56) - Trying to do a 180 with your diet
(2:03) - Not having enough motivators
(2:46) - Not knowing the macros in your food
(3:56) - Not drinking enough water
(4:42) - Committing to an exercise routine you don’t enjoy
(5:40) - Not getting enough sleep
(6:19) - Putting yourself in tough situations
(7:05) - Not weighing yourself routinely
(8:14) - Not having a reward system
(9:49) - Not telling anyone

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