Podcast #4 – 9 CrossFit Myths | Are they true or False?

Podcast #4 – 9 CrossFit Myths | Are they true or False?

Podcast #4 – 9 CrossFit Myths | Are they true or False?

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CrossFit is slowly turning into a household name. You can’t go to the grocery store or the movie theater without seeing a pair of nanos or metcons on someone’s feet. However, there is still a vast majority of people who have barely dabbled or has yet to try CrossFit and it may be due to some of the myths that we will be talking about in today’s episode. After watching the whole episode, if you think we may have left anything out or have some of your own personal experience with a certain CrossFit gym, we’d love to hear about it in the comment section! We go into further detail in the video, but here are the cliff notes of what we discuss:

#1 Do you have to be fit to start CrossFit? Anyone and everyone can do CrossFit! All the workouts and movements are scalable so anyone from an advanced athlete to the senior citizen can get great results!

#2 Is CrossFit safe? You could be walking down the street and step on a rock and roll your ankle. Everything in life comes with at least a little bit of risk, and due to CrossFit being such a dynamic fitness regimen the chance of injury is slightly higher than a normal gym. Although if you go to a gym that has knowledgeable coaches, smart programming, and preaches proper recovery, it is possible to stay injury free in a CrossFit gym!

#3 Does CrossFit make women bulky? It doesn’t matter what weight training type program you follow, if you are eating at or under your body’s caloric needs to remain the same, you will not gain weight. But if you follow a weight training program and eat in a caloric surplus, you will pack on size. (That size being fat or muscle depending on your macronutrients)

#4 Do you have to be competitive to do CrossFit? No. Especially not right away. You need to learn the basics, become proficient at them, and move well to even really push yourself in your workout and be able to hang with everyone else who has been doing it for years.

#5 Are all CrossFit gyms the same? Even though they all follow the guidelines of Constantly Varied, High Intensity, Functional Movements; They’re all different. Check around and visit all the ones in your area before committing to any.

#6 CrossFit is just random workouts Some gyms take lots of time building out a well thought out program designed to build healthy and functional members, some not as much. If you go to the cheapest gym in your town, they may be that way because they’re offerings may not be the greatest.

#7 I can just sign up and jump into a class How you would start doing CrossFit is very different than signing up at a normal gym. CrossFit has complex movements and workouts so most of the time they will offer a fundamentals or on-ramp program to get you up to speed on everything they throw into their workouts. MAKE SURE that the gym has this if you are starting CrossFit.

#8 Why is CrossFit so expensive? You get what you pay for. The typical CrossFit gym will provide experiences coaches, an effective workouts program, quality equipment, and many other things that go into play when creating their memberships

#9 Is CrossFit a cult? Well no, but also yes. One of the most attractive things about CrossFit and keeps people coming back is the community. You find a new group of likeminded friends that have the same goals and aspirations as you, so you become engulfed and want to spend all your time as the gym! Don’t be surprised if you lose some old friends who aren’t really doing much with their lives other than living for the weekend. There you have it! Again, if you feel like we left anything out or you have any questions, be sure to leave them down below! Like this video if you enjoyed, subscribe for more, and thanks for watching! :)

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