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This morning when I was getting fitted for my microphone, a woman next to me watched me lift my shirt up and said “I want a stomach like THAT” and pointed to mine. It still takes me by surprise when this happens, because just like everyone else I don’t see my body the way everyone else does. But then it got me thinking about how I got here. And the holidays. And weight loss in general. The thing is most people want to be lean like they want to be rich. They think it would be nice but they don’t really want to put in the work to make it happen. How have I gotten as lean as I am (and it’s really not THAT lean)? I sleep 8-9 hours a night. And I make it a top priority. I eat my vegetables. And while I don’t track every day, I check in with what I’m eating 3-4 days a week. I rarely drink alcohol. I have maybe one “not so healthy” meal a week- and even then I don’t go crazy. I don’t do the holiday season. I do two to three meals that are a surplus. Otherwise I stick to eating clean. I’m consistent. Every day. I had a client that this finally clicked for and she lost 8lbs in 3 weeks. This isn’t easier because I’m a nutrition coach. Yes I know how to do it, but it still requires the same level of consistency and discipline as anyone else. As you head into Christmas week and ultimately the start of the new year, when you decide what changes you want to make in 2020- ask yourself what’s REALLY important to you. Ask yourself what you actually want to stay committed to. Then do it. Don’t keep trying to make changes if you don’t really want to put the work in. But if you DO want to make those changes, build a why that’s stronger than your current habits. Then stay focused. No matter what. Pc @justinnunezmedia #newyearnewyou #makecommitmentsnotresolutions #athleta #powerofshe #focus #commitment #discipline #consistency #believeinyourself #nutrition #nutritioncoach #crossfit

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Are you ready for the New Year? Do you have a plan of action to attack your goals? Do you have a strong enough WHY?

You can and will reach your goals if you create a plan, decide how you want to implement that plan, and be ready to make sacrifices to get where you want to go!


10 Min cardio

then 3 rounds
10 Scap pull-ups
10 Push-ups
10 Box jumps

3 x max Strict Pull ups 
3 x max Ring dips 

Snatch- find heavy for day
Clean- find heavy for day 

5000 meter row
Every 3 min perform:
10 burpees over rower
10 sprawls

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