CFT 12102019


How is everyone feeling so far this week? Are you managing the sore muscles that potentially come from the higher volume dips and pull-ups?

We're working on building a strong foundation for your gymnastics- keep it up team and be ready for connected muscle ups to not feel as hard! 


5 min on each calorie machine

3 rounds:
100ft OH DB lunge 15lbs each hand
200 meter run
10 Devil presses 15 lbs

35 min AMRAP:
400 meter run
20 GHD sit ups
20 Sandbag over yoke (100lb)
100ft Sandbag on shoulder (50ft right 50ft left shoulder)
20 Burpees over yoke
5 rope climbs
50 cal bike

Cool down:
10 min bike cool down

then lacrosse ball 2 min lats, triceps, pecs, upper back
foam roll quads, calves

kettlebell hip flexors

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