CFT 12042019


Warm Up- 5 min on each calorie machine

Then athlete specific (PT, etc)

Tabata Nose to Wall HS holds (or find a work/rest ratio that's challenging for 3-4 minutes)

3 Rounds
50 Double unders unbroken - or choose a rep scheme you can do UB
10 Ring kip swings

8 rounds:
Snatch Deadlift + Snatch from below the knee

Front squat:
3x3 @85%

Supinated barbell press:
3 x 15

6 x 1 Skin the cat

5 rounds:
15 cal ski
10 hspu
5 squat snatch (95)
Rest 1 min

Cool down: 
10 min bike cool down

then 2 min lat, tricep, pec, upper back
foam roll quads, calves
kettlebell hip flexors

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