CFT 12022019

Who's ready for more assault bike?

As we mentioned before- this current training cycle is all about hammering in the basics, getting strong in the push and pull, and working on gymnastics. 



5 min on each calorie machine (Bike, ski, row)

then Athlete specific 

then stretch- internal rotation, hips, calves


Tabata HS holds (or find a challenging hold/rest pattern for 3-4 minutes)

3 Rounds
50 DUs unbroken
10 kip swings

4 x 8-12 Strict Pull ups @21X1
*USe band if needed

4 x 8-12 Ring dips @22X2

Tall Snatch
5 x 1.1. (Hold bottom)

5 x 1.1. @105lbs

5 x 1.1. @130lbs

1.1. = Go, drop reset, rest about 10 seconds, then go.

bike (5 min increase in intensity) rest until recovered, then-


5 rounds:
20 Cals at 100% effort
Rest 2 min

Cool down:
10 min bike 

then 2 min lat, tricep, pec, upper back
foam roll quads, calves

kettlebell hip flexors

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