CFT 11272019

Check out our latest nutrition post where Coach Shawna discusses how she works with her clients and athletes to help them get through the holidays without losing traction on their goals but still enjoying themselves!

Warm-up- Athlete Specific (This is the opportunity to do your specific PT, etc)

Warm-Up- General
3 Rounds
2 min on bike
10 straight leg box jumps


6 rounds:
Snatch deadlift + Snatch from below the knee
Front squat:

Build to tough triple

Supinated barbell press:
3 x 15

6 x 1 Skin the cat

Conditioning Warm-up
3 rounds
50 DU
5 OHS w/ DB increasing in weight each round


3 rounds:
100 Double unders
5 DB squat snatches right arm (35)
10 Cal ski
5 DB squat snatches left arm
Rest 1:1  

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