CFT 11252019

What's Up Rolo Squad! Happy Monday! Ready to get after it? Don't forget to tag us in your posts as you crush the week!

We are back to regular programming this week. For the next 6 to 8 weeks we will be focusing on pressing and pulling strength. Expect to see lots of strict pull-ups as well as various forms of both horizontal and vertical pressing.

Because this cycle will be very shoulder intensive, it's SUPER important you spend time both pre and post training to stretch and mobilize your upper back, shoulders, pecs, and triceps. Remember to GET full range of motion your tissues need to mobile!


*Athlete specific- Shawna will be doing 3 rounds of prone y's and t's, then 5 minutes on each piece of cardio equipment

*General (perform after athlete specific)

3 Rounds
10 Scap pull-ups
10 Scap push-ups
5 push-ups

then 2 minutes each side banded internal rotation stretch, banded lat stretch



3 x 8-12 Strict Pull ups @21X1 (2 Second down, 1 second at bottom, fast up, 1 second at top)
*Use band if needed

3 x 8-12 Ring dips @22X2 (2 Seconds down, 2 seconds at bottom, explode up, 2 seconds at top)


Tall Snatch
5 x 1.1.1. (Hold bottom)

5 x 1.1.1. @95lbs

5 x 1.1.1. @120lbs

1.1.1. = Go, drop reset, rest about 10 seconds, then go



5 rounds:
Ski 1 min max cals
Rest 2 min


End of session mobility:

lacrosse ball triceps, pecs, lats, mid and lower back. 

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