CFT 11182019


This week we will be testing the AGOQ workouts from earlier this year. The goal is to stay focused, go hard, and give everything you have! 

You can check out the leaderboard to see where you end up, and be sure if you test them to tag us in your videos!


Lacrosse ball triceps, lats, and pecs

Stretch lats and external rotation (the banded bully stretch is a good one!)

Then perform 5 minutes on each piece of cardio equipment- bike/ski/row. Increase intensity throughout the 5 minutes, then reset on the next piece.


Then explosive warm up for ring muscle ups and shoulder to overhead-

3 Rounds
10 box jumps
100m row

Then warm-up MUPS and S2OH

3 Rounds
1- 8 MUP transitions (feet on floor), 8 65# S2OH
2- 5 Jumping MUPS, 6 95# S2OH
3- 4 Ring MUPS, 4 115# S2OH


Now for the fun....

AGOQ Workout 3- 

For time:
5 rounds of:
4 muscle-ups
13 shoulder-to-overheads, 95 lb.
Then, increase the weight for 5 rounds of:
4 muscle-ups
7 shoulder-to-overheads, 125 lb.

Time cap: 15 minutes

Take some time after the workout to mobilize shoulders and pecs- we've got a lot of shoulder intense workouts ahead of us this week! 

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