CFT 110519


Okay! One more week and the Open will be over! Stay focused on moving well, sleep, recovery, and good nutrition- we've got this team!

20 min AMRAP
Jog 800 meters
Couch stretch 2 min each side
Pigeon 2 min each side
This is just to get moving- use it as your warm-up piece and to help you recover from yesterday's redo workout. 
Bench Press:
4 x 4 @70%
20.4 recovery:
5 rounds:
10 GHD sit ups
10 hip extensions
25 cal bike
Focus on opening up your hips, engaging legs and core, and moving consistently. 
Open ready:
10 rounds:
100 meter row
1 burpee muscle up
100 meter ski
1 ring muscle up
Are you ready to try some muscle ups under fatigue? Can you jump up and hit one while your heart is racing? Let us know how this one goes- do you think we will see these in the last Open workout? 

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