CFT 10302019



20 Min EMOM 
1 - 1 min row
2 - 1 min banded internal rotation stretch (right)
3 - :30 sec ski + 3 strict pull ups
4 - 1 min banded IR (left) 

Doing your conditioning first allows your body to get loose and feel good. For the first round move slowly, then as you warm up you can push the pace some.



Tempo Front squat: 3 x 3 32X1 @75% 1RM FS

Tempo front squats help build a strong core while also building strength to explode out of the bottom of the clean. The tempo is 3 seconds down, two second hold at the bottom, explode up, one second at the top. Choose a weight which is challenging but allows you to hold the tempo pace through all three reps.

 2 x 8 DB thrusters front foot elevated 2" w/35# DB- 

These are an awesome way to build single leg strength. This is essentially a front foot elevated lunge with a push press at the top. Back knee should tap the ground at the bottom of the thruster/lunge, and front knee should never go over the toe. If 35# DBs are too heavy, find a weight where the last couple reps require 90% effort.


Muscle up practice

3 Rounds
Top ring hold x 10 sec
Bottom ring hold x 10 sec 

Make sure you are keeping rings close and turning out at the top of the hold. Goal is to maintain tension for the whole 20 seconds without needing a break. Drop deep into the bottom of the hold while keeping chest up. Rest until recovered between rounds. 

5 x 3 Jumping ring muscle ups

Challenge yourself to go 3 unbroken- make them quick and pretty.


Fun Open prep

1 min lat stretch each side
1 min Purse stretch each side
2 min Couch stretch each side
2 min Seated straddle
2 min frog stretch
1 min roll out forearms
*Repeat 2 times


If you can hit hit the sauna and drink lots of water!

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