CFT 102619




Snatch work:
EMOM x 10
1 Snatch @85%

Clean and jerk fun:
EMOM x 20
10 cal row
1 power clean
*increase by feel


If time permits: Team workout with Rolo and Huddie

See that work here: ROLO Training

Open 20.3 Recap:

Tonight did not go as planned. I was mentally ready to handle 20.3 and make it my bitch. The deadlift weight is not bad and I am fairly good at HSPU.

We recorded my entire set-up then boom, camera issues, and we had to restart and try all over again which took about 5-10 min. It was like icing the kicker in a football game.

I became overwhelmed and lost focus.

I watched my video back and realized my rest was much too long and I broke up parts I should not have.

With all this being said, it was a great learning experience and I look froward to crushing it on try number 2.

How yall do? Comment below.

My favorite ROLO athletics gear.


  • Rodrick Lopez

    Hey Lindsey, the cleans are moving up by feel. You can start as light as you would like and end as heavy as you can. The goal is to get sweaty and move sweat weight under fatigue! :D

  • Portee Lindsey

    The weights of the clean also 85%? Or a bit easier?

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