CFT 102219

CFT 102219



*Shawna is currently siting in 49th -ROLO

Lacrosse ball/mobilize anything that is tight or needs attention

Then perform 3 rounds of:
250m Row
15 Wallballs
10 Kb swings

10 Min AMRAP:
Row 500 meters
10 SB squat 100lbs
10 KB swings
Max wall balls with remaining time.

Front squat:
3-3-3-3- @32X1
*Strict to tempo
*No belt

2 rounds:
10 x DB thrusters front foot elevated 2"

Muscle up practice:
5 x 2 Jumping ring muscle ups


EMOM x 20
1 Bar muscle up

Fun Open prep:
1 min lat stretch each side
1 min Purse stretch each side
2 min Couch stretch each side
2 min Seated straddle
2 min frog stretch
1 min roll out forearms
*Repeat 2 times

If you can, hit the sauna and drink lots of water.

Fun stuff!

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