CFT 102119-  20.2 Redo

CFT 102119- 20.2 Redo

If you've already tried your hand at 20.2 you know how it feels. You also probably know what you need to improve on, change, or fix, so you can improve your score.

For our Master's Athlete and Nutrition Coach Shawna, it was and is her mindset 

In her own words:

"I went into this workout intimidated by the double unders and not trusting my level of proficiency. Coach Rodrick and I have been working on them consistently, but when push came to shove I was still uncertain of how they would be- if I could rely on them.

So when things got hard, I let myself have a pity party. But the double unders WEREN'T hard- in fact they were relatively easy, and I managed to do all of them without much of a problem. However, I still let the workout win, instead of me winning the workout.

This time around, this redo, will be an opportunity for me to take this challenge on again, and own my performance. I won't spend so much time at the chalk bucket, I will stay relaxed on my double unders, and I will keep my eye on the prize rather than wishing it was over."



Lacrosse ball/mobilize traps, lats, pecs, triceps, glutes, and calves.

50ft quadriped crawl forwards and backwards

3x10 Prone Y's and T's

Banded Clam Shells 1x30 (each side)

10 min on assault bike *every 2 min increase pace.

followed by...

3 rounds building to race effort
20 seconds AB
4 DB Thrusters @ 50/35lbs 
24 DUs 
Walk 45 seconds


Open Workout 20.2

20 Minute AMRAP
4 DB Thrusters (35/50#)
24 Double Unders

Coach's notes: We are going to EMOM this bitch! Start a little slower and increase the last 5 min.


Remember to cool down after! Roll out calves, spend 10 minutes on the AAB flushing out your arms and legs. And don't forget to comment below how you did and tag us on Instagram with your videos! 

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