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It is estimated that 25 to 45% of female athletes chronically undereat. Symptoms of not getting enough calories can be as mild as feeling sluggish in a workout and can be as severe as losing your period and being more susceptible to breaking bones. Having a hard time losing weight? Is your skin dry and flaky? Struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep? Having a hard time recovering from workouts, pushing yourself in training, or building muscle? These all could be signs you are not consuming enough calories. Most active women should be consuming baseline between 2000 and 2500 calories, yet many don’t even make the minimum. If you’re afraid you will gain weight but have not had success with your years of chronic dieting, what if you slowly increased your intake, especially your carbs (as clean, whole food sources) and see how you feel? Want some help? Comment below, DM is, or find Shawna (@shawna_norton) and let’s get you feeling amazing! References: #femaleathlete #femaleathletetriad #nutrition #eattoperform #eatenough #carbs #crossfit #femalecrossfitter

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10 Min Cardio

3 Rounds
20 Quadruped opposites
20 Facepulls
10 Bird dogs
10 Shoulder taps

3 rounds:
3 High pull
3 Hang muscle snatch
3 Behind the neck press
3 snatch balance
3 Hang power snatch
3 Below the knee snatch

10 rounds:
1 Low hang snatch
*Start light and work.
*Stand then lower to below the knee, hold, then go.

EMOM x 12
1- Rope climb x 2
2- 10 cals on bike
3- 8 wall balls w/20


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