CFT 04132020

10 min Bike light
10 min Bike moderate

6 x 1.1.1.
High-hang Snatch

*Drop after every rep, pick it back up and then go again.
*every time you pick off floor, do a good snatch deadlift
*Work up to challenging.

Deficit Snatch deadlifts
4 x 10 @heavy but perfect

2 Rounds:

2 min AMRAP
10 deadlifts (155)
10 bupree over bar

2 min AMRAP:
8 chest to bar
8 DB squat snatches (35)

2 min AMRAP:
50ft shuttle run (every 10ft)
50ft Broad jumps


HHS/Snatch Deadlift- broom and work on positions

Deadlift- Go as heavy as you can with what you got

C2B- table pull ups


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