CFT 04062020


3 Rounds

20 Quadruped opposites
20 Facepulls
10 Shoulder taps
10 Calf lifts
10 SLSD R leg
10 Hip thrusts

4 rounds:
2 min bike
2 min row
2 min ski
*Moderate pace quick transtions

6 x
High-hang Snatch
*Drop after every rep, pick it back up and then go again.
*every time you pick off floor, do a good snatch deadlift
*Work up to challenging.

Deficit Snatch deadlifts
3 x 12 @heavy but perfect

EMOM x 5
:30 sec assault bike cals
:30 rest
*Score is AB cals

EMOM x 5
:30 Max burpee box jumps overs
:30 rest


Bike/row/ski- run, slow burpees, Jump rope

High-hang snatch- use a broom!
Snatch deadlift- go deficit but work the form with your broom!

AAB- Sprawls


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