CFT 02172020

This week is week 4 of strict pulling and explosive out the gate (assault bike). If you are just following us now, email and we can get you started at the beginning of the programming.

We were asked what makes this programming women specific. You will see a higher volume of pulling than a traditional program (we do pulling variations two to three times a week) combined with two to three days a week of triceps. In addition, we focus on power production and explosove strength, as these three areas tend to be common weaknesses in female athletes, especially ones without previous sports experience. 


Gymnastics Warm-up:
2 rounds:
10 Facedown pass throughs
5 Wall walks

2 rounds:
10 Strict Toes through ring
5 Bridge ups

2 rounds:
2 Skin the cat
5 Strict ring pull ups

1 round:
10 Slow controlled arnold presses

6 rounds:
Max strict chest to bar
Max ring dips"

Every 3 min @12 rounds
10 Cal ski
Power clean and Push jerk

Rd 1-3: 3 reps
Rd 4-6: 2 reps
Rd 7-12: 1 rep

7 rounds:
4 cal AB
*rest 3 min between


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