CFT 01282020

Gymnastics Warm up:
2 rounds:
25 ft seal walk
10 toes to bar (Open up on the arch) (Stay tight)

2 rounds:
Jumping ring muscle up + 2 dips x 3

Kipping ball throw x 5
*Put 4 ball wall ball in between feet, kip, and try to throw it as far as possible with
feet. Go up in weight if it goes too far.

2 rounds:
Break a brick wall with your head drills x 5

5 rounds:
2 Muscle ups
8 calorie row
2 muscle ups
12 wall balls
*Move consistently
*Time cap = 10 min

10 Sandbag TO shoulder (150lbs)
*Not over the shoulder. Hold on shoulder for 1 second *Not for time

For time:
50 GHD sit ups
25 Power snatch @100lbs
50 GHD sit ups

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