CFT 01202020

Happy Monday Team! Ready to crush all the gymnastics, pulling, and power production? 

Let's do IT!!!!

Gymnastics Warm-up:
2 rounds:
Ski x 15 cals
Hollow x :20
Arch x :20

2 rounds:
Kip swings x 5 (get a big arch!)
Jump into "Muscle up" (this is the swing practice) x 3

3 rounds:
Banded strict bar muscle up x 3
*Use band and use wrists like I did the other day

3 rounds:
10 Weighted hip thrusts @30X3

5 rounds:
Straight arm pull downs x 10
Banded strict chest to bars x 10
Tricep roll backs x 10
Rest 2 min betwen rounds

Straight arm pull downs on pulley system and with rope

E2MOM x 10 rounds
1 Power Clean and Push jerk @80% 1 RM

5 rounds:
3 depth jumps from 24" into a 50ft sled push
*Sled should be as fast as possible
*Put 4 x 45s on the sled total

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