CFT 01142020

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We will fix the back swing and make it pretty. But man does it feel good to be making headway on these mother f*ers. 4 sets of 3 unbroken. Most I’ve done “big” sets unbroken. We are fixing my pull and my commitment, the aggressiveness (or lack there of lol) of my kip and transition, and what happens in my head to mess with my confidence and belief in my abilities. I FREAKING LOVE THIS SPORT. I love who it demands you become if you keep showing up asking to be better. I love that there is always so much room for improvement. I love that no day is ever the same. And I love that I get to do it surrounded by PEOPLE I love. Sigh. Yah. It’s pretty damn awesome. @roloathletics @rodricklopez #games2020 #roadtothegames #masters #mastersathlete #femalemasters #pushharder #dobetter #dontforgettobreath #crossfitmasters #crossfithumanity #putinwork #roloathletics #workwithpurpose #athleta #powerofshe #focus #commitment #discipline #consistency #believeinyourself #crossfit

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Gymnastics Warm up:
2 rounds:
25 ft seal walk
10 toes to bar (Open up on the arch) (Stay tight)

2 rounds:
Jumping ring muscle up + 2 dips x 3

Kipping ball throw x 5 (on rings)
*Put 4 ball wall ball in between feet, kip, and try to throw it as far as possible with
feet. Go up in weight if it goes too far.

2 rounds:
Break a brick wall with your head drills x 5

Every 2 min x 5 rounds
3 muscle ups (UB if you can)

Every 2 min x 5 rounds
5 Jolly jumpers

10 min AMRAP:
15 Power snatches 55lbs
30 Double unders


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