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I swung into my next muscle up and I could feel my coach’s eyes from across the room. Did my feet go above the bar AGAIN? I jumped down. He came over. His irritation written all over his face. I was SUPPOSED to be working on fixing this. He told me from here on out I wasn’t allowed to do another bar muscle up until I fixed the problem. He gave me the steps. And I wanted to cry inside. The frustration was real. This in my mind was a stupid thing to have to fix. I wasn’t doing it WRONG per say.. I was just doing it outside the parameters of CrossFit. I cried to him “but the AGOQ is only 9 weeks away”. He looked me square in the eye and said “I don’t care about the AGOQ. I care how you move as an athlete”. I walked away. Defeated. Knowing full well he was right. But it also made me step back and look at where I was focusing. It forced me to see the big picture. What really mattered. Because the AGOQ in the grand scheme of my athletic career DOESNT matter. I get to the Games because I earned it. I show up and learn to move well and push myself and improve as an athlete. Not because we trained FOR something. But because I become the level of athlete that can compete anywhere. So here’s to a new goal for 2020. Become the best mover I can possibly be. And we will see where that lands us. @rodricklopez @roloathletics #roadtothegames #masters #mastersathlete #femalemasters #pushharder #dobetter #crossfit #crossfitmasters #crossfithumanity #putinwork #roloathletics #workwithpurpose #focus #mindovermatter #newyearnewyou #makecommitmentsnotresolutions #powerofshe #focus #commitment #discipline #consistency #believeinyourself

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Lot's of gymnastics happening now team! Get ready to improve your pull, your transitions, and your cycling!

5 min on each rower and bike

Stretch shoulders, hips, quads, calves

Tabata HS holds

3x10 Barbell Hip Thrusts supersetted w/
Standing Clam shells

Gymnastics Warm-up:
2 rounds:
Ski x 15 cals
Hollow x :20
Arch x :20

Bar Muscle Up Practice:
2 rounds: 
Kip swings x 5 (get a big arch!)
Jump into "Muscle up" (this is the swing practice) x 3

3 rounds:
Banded strict bar muscle up x 2
*Use band and false grip

3 rounds:
Straight arm pull downs x 10
Banded strict chest to bars x 10
Tricep roll backs x 10
Rest 2 min between rounds

Straight arm pull downs on pulley system with rope

Do the clean and jerk warm up before you start

EMOM x 20
20 double unders
1 clean and jerk
*Increase throughout

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