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2020. New Year. A chance to start fresh. I would challenge you this year to start off making COMMITMENTS to the things you want to accomplish, rather than “resolving” to get things done. Framing self talk and perceptions is everything when changing habits or reaching goals- so set yourself up for success. Commit to doing the things you say you want, and find a why strong enough to help carry you through. Then stay consistent, and you WILL reach your goals. Happy New Years team. May it be filled with purpose, direction, and deep connections with amazing people. @roloathletics @crossfithumanity #bestyearyet #commit #focus #goals #habits #consistency #putinwork #workwithpurpose #whatwouldyoudoifyouwerentafraid #livemore #lovemore #crossfit #crossfithumanity #roloathletics

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What commitments are you making this year team? Are you committing to eating cleaner? Regular gym attendance? Being more present with friends and family? 

Post your commitments here and we will help you stay accountable for them! 

Ready to lift all the weights today? We adjusted this weeks schedule to give you today off- so get ready to work your butts off tomorrow and lift ALL the weights! 

10 rounds:
Hang Power Snatch + 2 OHS

Back squat:

Find heavy for day

Seated Z-press
Find 3 rep max

EMOM x 10
1 skin the cat

3 rounds:
3 min AMRAP
10 wall balls
10 box jumps overs
10 cal bike
Rest 2 min

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